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The Bull's Bridge Golf Club, Inc. The Bull's Bridge Golf Club, Inc. The Bull's Bridge Golf Club, Inc. The Bull's Bridge Golf Club, Inc. The Bull's Bridge Golf Club, Inc. The Bull's Bridge Golf Club, Inc. The Bull's Bridge Golf Club, Inc. The Bull's Bridge Golf Club, Inc.

Course Tour

Hole 1

Par 5
Handicap 2

The round begins at the top of the property to the right of the future clubhouse from an elevation of just over 800 Feet. The opening hole is a long meandering, gradually sloping down-hill Par 5. The design is intended to provide the player with a welcoming opening hole.

534 • 516 • 492 • 464

Hole 2

Par 4
Handicap 8

In addition to providing a "breath taking” view from the tee, the player must concentrate and decide how bold they are on this down-hill "risk-reward” Par 4.

322 • 300 • 294 • 249

Hole 3

Par 4
Handicap 4

The first of the holes in the "valley,” this mid-length par four has a wide and inviting fairway. Once on the fairway the player must hit an accurate second shot to a two tiered green.

409 • 393 • 371 • 338

Hole 4

Par 3
Handicap 18

The "shortish” par 3 has a long narrowing green, which will force the player to use a variety of clubs depending on where the hole is located.

162 • 156 • 138 • 112

Hole 5

Par 4
Handicap 14

This par 4 measures 432 yards from the championship tees, but offers a variety of distances for all players. The drive needs to carry a slight rise, before the downhill second shot can be played to this undulating green.

432 • 404 • 387 • 346

Hole 6

Par 5
Handicap 12

This long par five plays downhill on all three shots. The narrow landing area off the tee must first be dealt with. The "lay-up” shot must be properly placed to a landing area that slopes away from the player. The third must be hit with the highest level of accuracy to a narrow well bunkered green.

607 • 525 • 515 • 486

Hole 7

Par 3
Handicap 16

This mid length up-hill par 3 features a "false front” and a two tiered green. The player must hit a well struck golf shot to avoid the golf ball coming back down the front of the green.

196 • 180 • 144 • 110

Hole 8

Par 4
Handicap 10

This relatively short uphill par four is well bunkered down the left and features a two-tiered green that will need to be successfully navigated by the second shot or three putts are a possibility.

358 • 334 • 296 • 263

Hole 9

Par 4
Handicap 6

The front nine finishes with a strong dogleg right par four. This classic "cape hole” will challenge the player to play conservative to the left or take a more aggressive line to the right. If the player can successfully play to the right he will encounter a much shorter second shot to this up-hill well contoured green.

401 • 375 • 370 • 334

Hole 10

Par 5
Handicap 3

The 10th hole turns back, slightly up hill, towards the clubhouse. The opening hole of the back nine is usually a three shot hole, but the longer more aggressive player may wish to "take a shot” at this well-bunkered, narrow, three tiered green.

539 • 521 • 495 • 450

Hole 11

Par 4
Handicap 9

The 11th hole turns back to face a spectacular backdrop of the Litchfield Hills. The drive slopes downhill and right to left. Finding the fairway is a must if the player wishes to have the opportunity to hit his second shot on the green.

495 • 457 • 397 • 372

Hole 12

Par 3
Handicap 11

The 12th hole presents the player with another challenge. The green is wide and undulating. The contours will challenge even the best of putters.

204 • 183 • 165 • 145

Hole 13

Par 4
Handicap 15

A relatively short downhill par 4 with the magnificent backdrop of the Housatonic River Ridge. A short iron is usually the second shot to this narrow and undulating green.

371 • 348 • 327 • 280

Hole 14

Par 4
Handicap 13

This "classic” short par four requires the player to think his way through the hole. A well placed tee shot up the left side will give the player the right angle into this well bunkered green.

371 • 345 • 308 • 274

Hole 15

Par 4
Handicap 1

This strong par four begins with an uphill tee shot across wetlands. The player will encounter an uphill second shot to a narrow, well bunkered green. A par on the 15th is a very good score.

452 • 429 • 422 • 262

Hole 16

Par 3
Handicap 17

The 16th green is an inviting target some 50 feet below the tee boxes. A mid-iron will need to properly be placed on this well contoured green.

201 • 183 • 165 • 127

Hole 17

Par 4
Handicap 7

The 17th continues the strong finishing quartet through the hollow. The player must drive his ball into a fairway that "bottlenecks” to ensure the right angle into this shallow green.

443 • 411 • 395 • 304

Hole 18

Par 5
Handicap 5

The 18th is a very memorable finishing hole. A reachable uphill par 5, the driving area is very narrow and well-bunkered. The up hill second or third shot to a 10,000 foot green must be well positioned or the player may be faced with a 120 foot eagle or birdie attempt. A finishing birdie or eagle will provide any member or guest with a fond memory of their round at Bull’s Bridge.

495 • 472 • 450 • 375